Our EMB unit is enriched with latest necessities of the present time requirements. EMB machines with sequins device multi head Japanese machines. our emb products like all kind of designs of woven beddings, garments etc. the quality of each stitch of the emb highly neat and defined.



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At waqas textile, we are equipped with latest and modern stitching machines a highly skilled labour to meet our modern stitching requirements. We stitch fabric as well as garments. The machines include SINGER, safety + over lock, double needle, kansai special and flat lock machines.


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Cutting & Packing

We normally inspect the fabrics three times, grey fabrics checking/ mending at weaving units, second checking/ screening of grey fabrics at good own and thirdly piece to piece checking/ grading after processing. For made-ups, we have a team of skilled workers who finally inspect the goods before packing.


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